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Crepes, Tremven, 320g, 12 x 20

Vanilla Pods, 50 pods

Vanilla Extract, L'Epicurien, 1lt

Gelatine Leaves, Briancon, 1kg

Gelatine Powder, Haya4you, 1kg

Christmas Pudding Log, Gilberry Fayre, 1400g x 6

4 Blinis, Les Delices Du Chef, 200g x 12

Mince pies uncooked, 144

Vanilla Bean Paste, 65g

Rose Petals Dried, Selection Des Grands Chefs, 60g

Rose Petals Crystallised Flowers, 750ml

Chestnuts Vac pack, Ponthier, 500g

Sevarome Food Colouring.Blue,Green,Red,Yellow

28cm Sweet Tartlets, 12 per case

Amaretti Biscuits MARINI, 200g

10in Spring Roll Pastry - Spring Home, 15kg

Icing Sugar Gem, 3kg

Creme Anglaise Debic, 2lt

8.5cm Gourmet Quiche Pidy, 144 per case

Plain Flour Gem, 8 x 2kg

Patisserie Royale Whole Unfilled Pavlova Base

Callebaut Chocolate Fudge Cake

11cm Sweet Tartlets Large, 96 per case

Savoiardi Lady fingers, MARINI, 200g

Puff Pastry BO1 Banquet D'or, 16 sheets,10kg

Yeast, Fresh 1kg Mauri

Self Raising Flour Gem, 8 x 2kg

11cm Gourmet Quiche Pidy, 42 per case

Vanilla Aroma, Bredon, 1lt

Demerara Sugar, Gem, 3kg

Debic Creme Brulee 1lt

Patisserie Royale Individual Pavlova x 12

White Chocolate Buttercream.

Rossini Sugar Curls, Marcantonio, 280

8.5cm Sweet Tartlets Medium, 144 per case

5" Filo Crowns, 2 x18 per case

Custard Powder, Gem, 3kg

Dried Instant Yeast, Bruggeman, 500g

Cornflour Gem, 3kg

Granulated Sugar, Gem, 3kg

Puff Pastry BO2 Banquet D'or, 11 sheets,10kg

Patisserie Royale Individual Meringue Nest x 12

Milk Chocolate Nest.

4.9cm Sweet Tartlets Mini, 240 per case

Meringue Nest, 50 per case Sweet Stuff.

'00' Flour Dallari, 5kg bag

Baking Powder, Louis Francois, 1kg

Creme Brulee powder, Jean Ducourtieux, 750g

3" Filo crowns, 20 x 6 per case

Fillo Pastry Theo's, 400g

Carr's Table Water Biscuits 125g x 12

Gem Caster Sugar 3kg

White Chocolate Feathers.

Caster Sugar Saint Louis 20kg

Thomas J Fudge's Cheese Biscuit Selection

Brandy Snap Baskets, Askey, 90

11cm Savoury Tartlets Large, 96 per case

Won Ton Wrappers, Happy Boy, 200g

T55 Unfortified Fine White Flour, 25kg bag

Bread Soda, Gem, 3kg

Creme Patisserie 5kg Jean Ducourtieux

1" Filo Crowns, 4 x 45 per case


Tuile Baskets Askey, 72

8.5cm Savoury Tartlets Medium, 144 per case

Feuille de Brick J R, 170g

T45 Violette White Flour, 25kg bag

Creme Patisserie Elfroy, 5kg

Caster Cane Sugar, Tate Lyle, 25kg

Cream of Tartar, Favourit, 500g

Confiletas Small Vol au Vent 55mm x 120 units.

Wafer Baskets Large Neutral 36 pieces

4.9cm Savoury Tartlets Mini, 240 per case

JR Kataifi Pastry, 400g

Wholemeal Flour Neill's, 16kg bag

Digestive Biscuits Crumbs 8kg

Orange Water, Samia, 50cl

White Sugar Cubes, St Louis, 8 X 750g

Confiletas Medium Vol au Vent 75mm x 72 units.

Mini Macarons - frozen, 72 per case

8.5cm Vol au Vents Large, 72 per case

Rose Water, Samia, 50cl

Brown Sugar Cubes, St Louis, 8 X 750g

OléTapas Assortment Imagine Bases 96 Units/Case

Wheaten Bread Mix 10 x 1kg Neill's

hinese Pancakes for Crispy Duck 17 x 60g

7.3cm Vol au Vents Medium, 90 per case

Coffee Aroma, 1lt Bredon

White Sugar Lumps, La Perruche (8 x 750g)

OléTapas Assortment Nature Bases 96 Units/Case

Chocolate Coated Mini Cone

Luna Gialla 10kg Pizza Flour Molina Iaquone

Dumpling Pastry 450g

3.6cm Bouchee Mini, 240 per case

Brown Sugar Lumps, La Perruche (8 x 750g)

OléTapas Mini Round Bases 96 Units/Case

Crunchy Chocolate Coated Mini Cone

Luna Bianca "00" Pizza Flour Molina Iaquone 25kg

Bernard's Canadian Maple Syrup 100% Pure, 1ltr

OléTapas Mini Square Bases 96 Units/Case

Mini Sugar Coated Horn (297/Case)

Square Vol Au Vent 34g 90 units per case

Luna Gialla 25kg Pizza Flour Molina Iaquone

Mini Babas all butter, 240 per case

Almond Aroma, Sevarome, 500g

Maple Syrup, Bernards100% pure, 250ml

OléTapas Mini Bullion Bases 96 Units/Case

Luna Rossa "00" Pizza Flour Molina Iaquone 25kg

8mm Sponge Sheets Plain, 14 sheets

Brown Bread Flour, Doves Farm, 5x 1kg bag

OléTapas Mini Flower Bases 96 Units /Case

Mileeven Pure Honey 1kg

8mm Sponge Sheets Chocolate, 14 sheets

Plain White Flour, Doves Farm, 5 x 1kg case

Golden Syrup, Lyle's, 7.257kg

OléTapas Mini Casserole Bases 96 Units/Case

Self Raising Flour, Doves Farm, 5x 1kg bag.

Profiteroles (Chou Saint-Honoré), 200 per case

Lyles Black Treacle 7.257kg

Lyle's Black Treacle 454g.

Puratos O-Tentic Durum Bread Improver 10kg

Mirror or Neutral Glaze, PatisFrance, 8kg

Potato Starch Top-Op, 2kg bag

Apricot Glaze, Patisfrance, 8kg

Rice Flour, Top-Op, 1.5kg bag

Glucose Syrup Patisfrance, 2kg

Polenta 1kg Haudecoeur

Tempura Flour, Showa, 700g

Jam Sugar, Gem, 1kg

Muscovado Sugar, price per kilo

Fine Cornmeal 1.5kg

Gram Flour, TRS, 2kg bag

Palm Sugar, 200g

Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks Gem x 600

Scone Mix, McDougell, 4 x 3.5kg

Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks Gem x 600

Rye Flour, 5kg

White Sugar, Gem, 1000 sticks

Buck Wheat Flour Organic, 5kg

Demerara Sugar, Gem, 1000 Sticks

Cassonade, La Perruche, 750g

Tapioca Starch 500g

Fondant Extra White, Sogap, 1kg

Semolina 3kg

Lavender Honey, 500g

Chocolate Crackle Cystals Carbonated, 500g

Carbonated Crackle Cystals, 500g En-Place

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