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Mae ploy

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Mae ploy

The Mae Ploy factory is the 3rd factory in the Theppadungporn Group, “Mae Ploy” is the name of the leading character in the Thai famous novel written by one of the Thai most famous noble man, Mr. Kukrit Pramote. Mae Ploy was a Thai lady who had been well trained for the housewife duties from the Royal Court of King Rama V. For Thais, “ Mae Ploy” represented authenticity and uniqueness of a Thai family lady who tried to conserve our good Thai cultures during the westernization period. “Mae Ploy” is therefore used as a brand name for our Thai and oriental style chilli paste, sauces, curries and condiments, which are produced at this factory. The brand “Mae Ploy” is also used for canned coconut milk that co

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